MAZDA is set to boldly pull all touchscreen from its new cars after research uncovered some issues about them.

Tablet-style screens are appearing across the vast majority of new cars to launch across the world now to satiate the desires of tech-savvy and constantly connected drivers. The screens are supposed to make interacting with a vehicle more intuitive and easy to control. They are ubiquitous in modern life with interactive displays adorning most new tech from coffee machines to thermostats and so on. Mazda is set to purge touchscreen from all its new cars, in then a seemingly bold move.

The decision comes over an extending period of time researching the effects of touchscreens on the driver.

The car manufacturer is set to remove them from the car’s or at least the driver’s side as they have been found to be distracting.

It looked at how much time is spent looking away from the road and also how it affects your control.

The carmaker found that it could cause drivers to drag it out of lane or veer off course while trying to operate while on the roads.

“Doing our research, when a driver would reach towards a touch-screen interface in any vehicle, they would unintentionally apply torque to the steering wheel, and the vehicle would drift out of its lane position,” said Matthew Valbuena, Mazda North America’s lead engineer for HMI and infotainment.

“And of course with a touchscreen you have to be looking at the screen while you’re touching…so for that reason we were comfortable removing the touch-screen functionality,” he added.

Instead of a touchscreen there is an option for a head-up display and a small screen which can be controlled via the centre console.

It is looking at other more tactile controls for drivers to help reduce distraction.

For example, the volume wheel works as ordinary but a single tilt either left or right will skip track and holding it left or right will fast forward or reverse.

This decision massively contrasts that of other companies such as Tesla who went all-in on screens with the Model 3 with just one 15-in landscape tablet pretty much making up the dashboard.

Mazda Feeling Positive About Vehicle Sales

With the sales figures for June released, many car manufacturers are now assessing their performance against yearly targets. While the general market shows some growth, Japanese car giant Mazda are looking very pleased with their sales performance. With the all new Mazda 3 for sale, boosting sales figures, the company has managed great sales for both the month of June and year to date.

Mazda have implemented a carefully considered strategy to ensure that they retain their market share. The company have recently launched all new models of the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 for sale, which has been complemented by a heavy campaign of advertising. This focused approach on the new innovations and design touches added to the range, have ensured that consumers are aware of the attractive package offered by this reasonably priced brand.

According to the figures released by the Chamber of Automotive Industries, the automotive market has shown some bounce back from the recent declines experienced. This has left the market sales figures on a par with the year to date figures of last year. Increased sales in South Australia and New South Wales has compensated for declining sales in Western Australia and Queensland. This has mean that the overall totals were just five hundred units short of the industry peak last June.

With light commercials and SUV models proving popular with consumers, accounting for over fifty percent of vehicle sales, it is even more impressive that models such as the current Mazda 3 for sale are still showing demand. In fact the Mazda 3 has retained the title of the nation’s favorite car. The Toyota Corolla managed great sales in June for the small car segment, but even the boost in sales, failed to allow the Corolla to close the gap with the Mazda 3.

Many experts believe that the sales performance of the Toyota is likely to be an indication of a stronger performance for the second half of the year. However, it would be unwise to count the Mazda range out. The brand has received a great deal of press and awards since the All new range of vehicles began to be unveiled. Mazda has spent a great deal of time implementing new innovations including the new ACTIVIST system to ensure that consumers in the non premium price category can expect quality even with a more modest budget.

Mazda continues to lead the way in the red hot segment of SUV sales with the CX5 retaining a fantastic market share. The CX5 clearly dominates the sales figures in this segment with Hyundai, Jeep and Toyota fighting for the second place slot.

While the second half of the year will need to retain momentum to beat the 2013 figures, many experts are anticipating further sales growth in the market. This means that it is likely that Mazda will enjoy a fantastic 2014.

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