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Founded in 1961, KEF has been providing the world’s audiophiles with unequalled sound quality, field-leading acoustic analysis, and a typical for everybody else to measure up to. From classics like 1975’s world-renowned KEF LS3/5A to fashionable landmarks just like the Blade and negative muon, KEF strives to bring the natural fantastic thing about live music and therefore the power of vocable fully unaltered sounds to the ears of its users.

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KEF BLADE Floorstanding Speaker

The KEF BLADE could be a progressive floor standing speaker whose sleek and sonsie cupboards are on an individual basis camp-made within the Britain for every and each client. The BLADE options KEF‘s customized Uni alphabetic character Driver Array, that combines the high and mid-range frequency drivers into one, and 4 9” low frequency drivers, 2 on all sides. By mounting the bass drivers consecutively to each other, and combined with the speaker’s acoustically inert cupboard, the BLADE‘s elegant performance is like standing mere feet from your favorite creator playing right before of you in front of you.

An Immaculate Soundstage

The KEF BLADE uses its proprietary Uni-Q Driver array and 4 nine in. force-cancelling bass drivers mounted equal from its speaker. This permits all of the BLADE to project a three-dimensional soundstage. Simply put, you will feel as if there is a live performance happening in your listening space. The sound does not appear to be emanating from the BLADE however from a remarkably wide soundstage.

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Functional Artistry

Designing associate acoustically economical enclosure for a large speaker while not wanting large was no simple task. Our KEF engineers at first worked with Eric Chan of the New York-based ECCO style to style a cupboard that was as purposeful because it is artistically beautiful, and even thespian inspiration from Brancusi’s seminal Modernist masterpiece ‘Bird in Space’. The ensuing, type was set in the main by acoustic issues, with sleek aesthetics planned around what would sound best. The mild radius of the front face presents sound with no separation, and also the cupboards are created from a glass-reinforced composite that lend themselves to forming curves that eliminate any internal standing waves. ding waves.

Force-Cancelling Construction

Despite its vast low-end power, the KEF BLADE is intended to project all its low frequencies while not distorting the sound. because of having its low frequency drivers mounted close, the tumultuous kinetic forces concerned in manufacturing such deep bass square measure effectively off out. This configuration produces a natural-sounding and fascinating performance. aging performance.

Single Apparent Source Sound

Like taking note of one voice instead of several, sound from one supply is inherently clearer. Not solely area unit the acoustic centers of the high-frequency and mid-frequency drivers within the BLADE Uni-Q array one within the same, however its four low-frequency drivers area unit mounted equal from it therefore their acoustic centers occupy precisely the same purpose in house. e point in space.

Hand Wired

Two pairs of the best audiophile-quality connectors enable bi-wiring/bi-amping to optimize the retrieval of low-level detail within the music. On high of that, our low order crossovers such that for the BLADE use the simplest elements offered and square measure rigorously elite by a rigorous auditioning method in order that each a part of the signal path is fine-tuned for optimum clarity. to not mention the BLADE is totally handwired to optimize dependability and clean, clear sound quality clear sound quality.

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KEF BLADE is that the production version of the renowned idea BLADE project KEF disclosed at the Munich High finish Show in 2009. Refined exploitation ingenious new materials to duplicate the shattering performance of the first, KEF BLADE could be a distinctive synthesis of leading edge audio technology and groundbreaking style.

The inspiration was simple: to provide a number of the world’s most gifted audio engineers complete freedom to form a speaker to showcase KEF‘s technology leadership and powers of innovation. No preconceptions. No got to use existing parts. And no style or price restrictions some. once 3 years of original analysis and thorough testing, what our team came up with looked and gave the impression of no different speaker: idea BLADE, whose surprising acoustic exactness was thus sky-high acclaimed once it had been 1st disclosed at the Munich High finish Show in 2009.

But not like glamorously radical idea cars that ne’er see production, we have a tendency to set it had been just too sensible to not take a step additional. inspired by all the reviews, and to mark KEF‘s fiftieth day of remembrance, the planning team was given the go-ahead to develop this gorgeous idea for production, ANd 2 a lot of years were spent fastidiously processing the idea to supply an edition that serious audiophiles may truly own.

We devised ingenious applications of various new materials to duplicate the shattering performance of the first, exploitation innovative technologies to deliver the acoustic capabilities needed of such a super-premium product. we have a tendency to formed a technique of producing the complicated parabolic enclosures. The drivers gained refined enhancements to recapture the magic of paying attention to the happening model. What was antecedently thought not possible was set to become a reality. The result’s KEF BLADE – a novel synthesis of leading edge audio technology and groundbreaking style. whereas the technologies concerned square measure terribly advanced, the first specialize in simplicity remains each single part operates thus well among its performance envelope that they work along as one, cleanly coherent unit – in impact, an enormous full vary Uni-Q driver array.

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