KEF Blade 2 Review! Perfect Speakers for Luxury Yachts!


When Stereophile Magazine named the KEF BLADE 2 Floor standing Speaker its Product of the Year, it hailed the groundbreaking speaker collectively that it offers an excellent, measured performance that’s on the point of the state of the art.

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Founded in 1961, KEF has been providing the world’s audiophiles with state of the art sound quality, field-leading acoustic analysis, and a customary options for everybody else to measure up to. From classics like 1975’s world-renowned KEF LS3/5A to fashionable landmarks just like the Blade and negative muon, KEF strives to bring the natural great thing about live music and therefore the power of music fully in to the ears of its users.

The KEF BLADE 2 can rework any area in your house into an energetic concert brim full with deep bass, careful mids, and crisp highs. Its graciously svelte body is aesthetically pleasing and also the science behind the cupboard is solely beautiful. From a carefully-designed emission system to interior bracing, the Blade 2 is made to provide your favorite songs and albums as faithful the first recording as attainable so as to provide such associate astounding three-dimensional sound stage.

The KEF BLADE 2 uses its proprietary Uni-Q Driver array and 4 force-cancelling half dozen.5 in. bass drivers mounted equal from its Uni-Q Driver. This mix of speakers associated drivers produces sound in such an even-keeled fashion that your audio will not appear to be emanating from either of the BLADE TWO‘s towers, however from the space all around you.

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The BLADE TWO’s singular HF/MF Uni-Q driver array works in cycle with its four side-mounted bass driver, effectively making one, cleanly coherent unit. The BLADE 2 stands concerning ten inches shorter than the BLADE, and has four half dozen.5 in. bass drivers, as hostile the BLADE‘s nine in. bass drivers. This configuration cancels out any unwanted frequencies or coloration, and part accounts for the BLADE TWO‘s winsomely musical performance.

2 pairs of the best audiophile quality WBT connectors permit for bi-wiring, or bi-amping, therefore you’ll be able to properly harness each single detail of the music you are paying attention to. All crossover parts square measure separately wired by hand, rather than mounted on a standard computer circuit board. This optimizes each responsibility and sound quality by reassuring the cleanest attainable signal transmission.

KEF BLADE TWO Floorstanding Speaker

Top of the line and spatially versatile

The BLADE T Taking once its larger brother BLADE, the KEF BLADE 2 may be a tailor-made floorstander speaker hand built in the United Kingdom, tho’ with slightly smaller bass drivers and cupboard. The BLADE 2 options KEF‘s signature Uni alphabetic character Driver Array, which mixes the high and midrange frequency drivers into one, and four six.5” low frequency drivers, 2 on all sides. By mounting the bass drivers consecutive to each other, and combined with the speaker’s acoustically inert cupboard, the BLADE TWO‘s elegant performance is like standing mere feet from your favorite creative person performing arts right before of you.

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Science Behind The Sound

So as to create such a shocking three-dimensional soundstage, the KEF BLADE TWO uses its protected Uni-Q Driver exhibit and four power dropping 6.5 inch bass drivers mounted equidistant from its Uni-Q Driver. This blend of speakers and drivers produces sound in such an even-keeled design, to the point that your sound won’t appear to radiate from both of the BLADE TWO‘s towers, however from the room surrounding you.

Listening to a Sculpture

Planning the utilitarian yet-delightful class of a speaker like the BLADE TWO is no simple errand. Our KEF Builds at first worked with Eric Chan of the New York-based ECCO Design to structure a bureau that was as useful as it is masterfully beautiful, and even drew motivation from Brancusi’s original Modernist magnum opus ‘Winged animal in Space’.

The outcome is a shape that was managed predominantly by acoustic contemplation, with craftsman prospers arranged around what might sound best. The delicate sweep of the front face presents sound with no irregularity, and the cupboards are developed from a glass-strengthened composite that loan themselves to framing bends that dispose of any interior standing waves.

Force-Cancelling Construction

Regardless of its gigantic low-end control, the KEF BLADE TWO is intended to extend all its low frequencies without twisting the sound. On account of having its low recurrence drivers mounted near one another, the problematic active powers engaged with creating such profound bass are viably offset. This setup delivers a characteristic sounding and connecting with execution.

Single Apparent Source Sound

Like tuning in to one voice instead of many, sound from a solitary source is inalienably clearer. Not exclusively are the acoustic focuses of the high-recurrence and mid-recurrence drivers in the BLADE TWO Uni-Q exhibit one in the equivalent, yet its four low-recurrence drivers are mounted equidistant from it so their acoustic focuses involve the very same point in space.

Crystal-Clear Bass Response

The BLADE TWO’s twin sets of bass drivers are mounted in discrete chambers, isolated by an inner parcel. By expanding the recurrence of any conceivable inner standing waves produced by the speakers to route past the hybrid point, we diminished the requirement for damping material, which can generally weaken bass quality. The outcome is a nitty gritty bass reaction that appears to be clear as light.

Hand Wired

Two sets of the best audiophile-quality connectors permit bi-wiring/bi-amping to advance the recovery of low-level detail in the music. What’s more, our low request hybrids determined for the BLADE TWO utilize the best segments accessible and are cautiously chosen by a thorough trying out process with the goal that all aspects of the flag way is calibrated for greatest clearness. Also the BLADE TWO is totally handwired to advance unwavering quality and spotless, clear solid quality.

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Price: $24,999.99

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