Just Starting Out on Instagram? Here are Top 5 Niche Ideas For You


Instagram is a platform where people can post anything they like to either show people publicly or share them with friends or family that they choose. Instagram also has a comment section where people can communicate with each other and this is the integral part of what made Instagram so successful.

Having an Instagram account has many advantages. You can express yourself artistically, to show your cause or interests. You can also share your knowledge and teach some people like language or certain set of skills. (Instagram video has allowed us to do this even better now) For some, Instagram has become a platform where they can earn an extra income on the side.

When Instagram users visit a certain page, this triggers an algorithm from Instagram that will increase their position in search bars. This will enhance their popularity and make them more visible in front of a big audience. The most important thing however when dealing with Instagram is the topic that the users will end up choosing. So what are these top topics or categories that generates lots of views? We have the top 5 list right here for you:

1. Beauty. In each individual lies a famous sin – vanity. Basic or ostentatious, unremarkable or not, every person enormously values how they can bolster and satisfy their own self. Distinctive destinations that advance excellence are likely the ones visited by ladies. Beautifying agents, magnificence tips and prescribed items that emphasize one’s highlights are certain flame themes that keep your watchers returning for additional.

2. Health. Either with the end goal of research or simply easygoing perusing, medical problems are usually the ones gone up against by watchers. Therefore, one can locate a ton of themes in the Internet that talks about specific illnesses, health tips, appearances, and so forth. Be that as it may, only one small goody. In the event that you are a Instagram user out to pull in watchers about this prevalent point, you need to utilize the most captivating and eye-getting titles to start enthusiasm from the general population. Along these lines, your points will emerge from the rest.

3. Celebrities. Everyone wants to know what is going on with celebritie’s lifestyle. It’s always so fun hearing about gossip. People will search for gossip news or entertainment news on Instagram. You can update them with fresh news or celebrity news.

4. Fashion. This prevalent obsession draws groups of onlookers all over. Most recent patterns, style tips, dresses to maintain a strategic distance from, and so forth are certain to spellbind watchers who would prefer not to be beaten in the realm of design. Finish it off with pictures to make your blog significantly all the more intriguing.

5. Places. This prevalent subject shields watchers from hunting down perfect spots to spend get-aways or simply any areas everywhere throughout the world that enormously gives visual fascination. Pictures, recordings and clasps will most likely give all the extra intrigue that can even start enthusiasm from people in general.


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