German finance minister ADMITS budget pressures as recession fears mount

GERMANY’S finance minister has rejected claims the country is heading for recession, despite mounting fears over the stability of its economy and eurozone growth. To read more, please click Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Swap fuel deals plea as energy price cap rises

AROUND 15 million households were yesterday urged to switch energy provider - after the price cap on bills was raised by more than 10 percent. Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Pound LIVE: GBP Sterling SURGES against euro as Germany falls into ‘RECESSION’

THE pound has surged against the euro after market confidence grew over a Brexit deal, but the eurozone suffered a damaging blow after Germany fell into “recession”. Daily Express :: Finance Feed

How does a DUI affect car insurance?

Cincinnati Ohio DUI attorney answers question: How does a DUI affect car insurance? (Advertisement purposes for Ohio and Kentucky only)

Top Secrets Your Car Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

1. How to determine the value of "total loss." Most companies will tell you that they use at least three methods or schemes to...

How much money do you make driving Uber XL?

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15 Steps to a Great Business Name

The right business name could give you a real advantage. Every business has one, yet very few of them have a great business name. If there is one that should keep you up at night, it...

Six Tips For Startups Outside Of Traditional VC Hubs

by Chris Sloan of Baker Donelson For m­any years, conventional wisdom held that a promising startup needed to be located in a traditional venture capital hub like Silicon Valley, San Francisco or New York to...

26 Ways to Make Extra Money Selling Used Clothes Work from Home

Clothing is something we all have, wear, and eventually, get rid of. So why not make money by selling your used clothing and work from home? In this post, you’ll learn where to sell...