Education is the field that forms the future of the world. Every year, a number of bright candidates and social assets are produced by educational organizations. However, as the foundation of the global society the educational organizations need to invest serious efforts for maintaining the high standards of excellence, Thanks to the BlockChain technology, it has now become much easier for the educational industry to keep its integrity and excellence intact without having to employ any complicated manual system for verification, recording, and issuance of various certificates. So, one natural question that may arise here is “Can Blockchain really transform global educational scenario?” The answer is “Yes.” If you think that it is an exaggeration or future assumption then this article can change your thoughts.

Let us see some of the ambitious Blockchain projects that can help the educational sector to succeed in its endeavors to produce the meritorious and genuine candidates and offer merit-based rewards to the students:

Verification of Academic Credentials

Manual verification of academic credentials is one of the most cumbersome yet crucial processes as it needs highly qualified academicians to use separate case changing as well as sifting through hefty documentation. The good thing, however, is that very soon the significant part of this process can be outsourced to the machines that can tackle the task almost as responsibly as a sophisticated human being, thanks to the Blockchain’s capabilities.

  • Blockcerts is an ambitious toolset that is being developed by a start-up Learning Machine in collaboration with MIT Media Lab. After the successful completion, the process will offer open infrastructure that can not only use Blockchain technology to create immutable certificates but will also facilitate the verification of the same. In short, it can be called a single window platform for managing the full lifecycle of certification- right from issuance till security and verification.

Ascertaining the skills of a candidate

Another major challenge in the educational sector is to ascertain the skills of an individual candidate. The candidates who have exhibited their mettle during extracurricular activities can have the certification of performance or other documentation. However, not all such competition can offer certification or proof of performance to the participants. Besides, if we assume that on an average the candidate participates in such extracurricular activities at least 4 times a year, there would be a significant number of such certificates or proof of performance. Thanks to the open badge passport, the employers or educational authorities won’t have to check the authenticity of such documents.

  • The blockchain applications like Indorse help the students to create the digitized portfolios where the user needs to cite a specific claim with a verification link. The link needs to be verified by other users in order to gain authenticity. Hence the entire authentication process is automated and there is no extra work or guesswork involved when such records are forwarded t the potential employers or educational authorities.

Identity verification

The latest technical and digital developments have made it much easier to forge the identity or use other smart tactics to exaggerate one’s qualifications. Solving this issue manually is next to impossible. It can be a tricky situation for the student/jobseekers as well as educational authority’s ad employers. The genuine students have to go through a lengthy process t prove their identity while the smart candidates can still find the loopholes and take advantage of the same.

  • Thanks to the blockchain-based applications like uPort, the students can easily store their identity on the internet and can present the same. Due to the fundamental capabilities of Bock chain, the identities created via iPort are immutable and are uploaded only when fully verified. Hence the uploading of such identities itself is the solid proof of verification.

Maintaining Security while using or sharing CCTV footages

CCTV and other specific sensors have become a major necessity in the educational organizations in order to fortify the security. These cameras can monitor the movements in the key areas 24X7 and can be run in order to verify the occurrences of any troublesome incident. However, in most of the cases, it can also involve sharing the videos with other authorities. So, the malicious elements might also use this technology for their selfish interests.

  • Thanks to the Xage the authorities can share the data across diverse networks and devices without worrying about the leakage or hacking by unauthorized persons. Xage uses blockchain technology o keep the data fully intact during the entire process of sharing. The data is technically immutable and hence no malicious element can use human or technical power to steal or modify the data that is being shared. The security offered by the Blockhead in this field is way higher than the security provided by present security technologies.


Storage and sharing massive files

The specific fields like research and development needs collaboration and involve a number of massive files that are shared across diverse departments and countries. Sharing, storing and working simultaneously on such huge files not only augment the cost but also poses security risks. In short, the cost of hosting capacity and storage depends upon the size and specific requirements like speed or stability.

  • Blockchain based applications like File coin make it much easier to host such files as the rewards are distributed for the file hosting using the Blockchain reward system instead of distributing the real currency. Besides the rewards are pre-defined and are automatically distributed as per the performance that makes it easy to maintain the cost efficiency during the entire lifecycle of specific research.


The education sector is arguably one of the most important sectors of the world as it produces the professionals, personalities, and experts that are trusted as the caretakers of their relevant field. Thus the entire process of certificate issuance, verification and storage need to be streamlined and fully accurate. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, it has now become much easier to achieve this objective without having to invest too many endeavors or going through complicated processes. The inherent qualities of Blockhcian like democratic approach, unbiased distribution, decentralization, and immutability have made it the best technology to independently and efficiently respond to the major issues like data security and sharing, file storage and collaboration, certificate issuance and verification along with various other aspects of education. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the solid real-life Blockchain applications and projects that are proactively helping the education sector in meeting its fundamental and advanced objectives.

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